Children With Hair Loss Reviews

Children With Hair Loss Reviews

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It’s really very annoying for people after knowing about hair loss in their kids especially when they do not expect that their kids will start losing their hairs. So if your kids have hair loss problem this “Children With Hair Loss Reviews” is very helpful for you. Hair loss issue in children is quite common nowadays and there may be several reasons behind hair loss in children but in many cases hair loss in children is not permanent but it is temporary and may got their hairs back.

As hair loss in children is common but their causes are not same as those in adults baldness generally children may lose their hairs due to disorder in their scalp.

In children hair loss causes are not so dangerous or life threatening but baldness in early ages may disturb children psychologically and also emotionally  because no one want to lose their hairs at early stages of their life and its quite hard for an adult to accept baldness.

 Due to psychological effect of hair loss on mind and personality of kids, so it is very essential to go to a doctor for check-up and possible treatment.

Common Causes

This “Children With Hair Loss Reviews” focus on variety of reasons behind hair loss in children. Some most important causes of hair loss in children are discussed here below.

 Tinea capitis:

Tinea capitis is a type of infection in kids which spread because of sharing individual combs and other personal objects like hats etc. this type of infection is named as “ringworm of the scalp” however it occurs due to fungus infection.

Due to tinea capitis the kid’s hairs broken off and they get patches and black dots and also their skin become bumpy, scaly, and red. Some other signs are swollen glands and fever.

If your kids have above symptoms then a doctor or a dermatologist examine kid’s scalp and can diagnose whether the symptoms are due to tinea capitis or some other disease. For diagnosis confirmation the doctor may take a sample from infected skin and send to laboratory.

Tinea capitis can be treated by giving antifungal drugs to kids which is taken orally by mouth for about eight weeks. Beside oral medication the antifungal shampoo are also available which can protect child and can prevent the disease from further spreading to other children.


Another disorder named as Trichotillomania is big cause of hair loss in children in which children suddenly pull out their hairs. Doctors have grouped it as a kind of obsessive-compulsive-disorder. Some children feel relief by pulling their hairs while some even release that they are pulling their hairs.

Due to pulling of hairs the children got patchy areas lacking hairs. Some kids may pull and eat their hairs due to which they got large spheres of undigested hairs in their stomach or belly.

The hair will grow back once children stop pulling it out. Cognitive behavioural therapy can help kids to make them aware about not to pull their hairs and can help them to control and understand their emotions which force them to pull their hairs. It can help a child a lot o stop pulling their hairs and once they control it their hairs can grow again.

You can also do proper cutting of their hairs or moving their hair pulling habit to some other good habits.

 Children’s Telogen Effluvium

Children’s hairs that were in growth phase may convert into a resting phase due o several reasons like flu, high fever or emotional stress. Following a high fever, flu or severe emotional stress, hairs that were in their growth phase can sometimes be suddenly converted into their resting phase.

When child becomes fine after 2 to 4 months later, and the stressful condition is also gone, these hairs can start shedding. The shedding is because of large amount of migration of hair follicle into dormancy from growth phase which may remain for about 6 weeks.

Many people afraid that this condition of hair loss may be due to cancer or some other kind of evil disease so they contact physicians for treatment. Normally it takes 3-6 months   Most parents who bring their child to the physician for this condition are worried that the youngster has cancer or another bad disease. Hair takes between 3 and 6 months to turn-back into growth phase, and that is why the restoration may be slow to some extent.

Children’s Traction Alopecia

Another common type of hair fall which is more common in girls is known as Traction Alopecia, or physical damage. To make hairs more beautiful people often use some physical and chemical ways like fluffing, hot combing, blow dying bleaching, curling and straightening which may damage their hairs and is cause of hair fall.

It cannot cause much problem in adults because adult’s hairs are quite strong but in kids it can cause problems because they have comparatively thinner, less dense and fairer hairs.

The use of tight ponytails, barrettes, braiding and permanent waving can lead towards hair loss. However, it does not mean that hair loss in kids is 100% due to tight ponytail there may be other reasons which is causing hair loss so it is essential to go to doctor for proper check-up.

After treatment the hair loss recover but process may be little slow and can take about 3 or more than 3 months before they return to growth phase.


The process of metabolism in our body is controlled by certain hormones which are released by glands present in our neck known as thyroid gland.

Sometime the thyroid gland cannot make enough hormones which are needed for proper functioning and the condition is known as hypothyroidism.

Some important Symptoms are:

  • Gain of weight
  • Constipation problem
  • Feeling tiredness and laziness
  • Hairs become dry hair and start falling all over the scalp

Hair loss should stop when your child is treated with thyroid hormone medication. But it can take a few months for all of the hair to regrow.

Scalp injury

Hair loss in children may occur due to scalp injury like major blow to head or burning which can damage hair follicles. This can leads towards major hair loss at injury location. After healing the hairs can regrow.

Scalp injury treatment promotion is very essential because if scalp injuries were not treated it can damage underlying tissues and can leads towards hair loss permanently.


Chemotherapy treatment is also a reason for hair loss in children, after chemotherapy children loss their hairs because chemotherapy is a very strong treatment that kills the rapidly dividing cells in body and this can also affect and kills the hair root cells. After completing the treatment the hair can regrow as usual.

Nutritional deficiency

Healthy body depends on the food that we eat. So good and balance nutrition plays a main role in your body and hairs health. Balance diet with all required proteins, vitamins, minerals make your body and hairs strong. Vitamins and minerals deficient diet can cause hair fall and can make your hairs weak. So we should ensure that our children are taking a balance diet for their good health and also for their healthy hairs. Hair loss may be a sign of eating disorder like anorexia and bulimia and can also due to side effects of low protein diet.

Following are some nutrients whose deficiency can cause hair loss:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Biotin
  • Protein and amino acids

Excess of vitamin A can also results in hair loss

Meet with paediatrician to suggest a balance diet or healthy eating plan for your kids having hair loss problem and recommend some supplement.

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