How to live healthier lifestyle

How to live healthier lifestyle

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As we all know that the greatest wealth is a good health so the main problem is “How to live healthier lifestyle”. So our first priority in our life should be our health. To  get a healthy body we need to focus on our body, on the food that we eat, on the environment where we live. Scientist have shown that those people who are healthy and take care of their bodies, they are more creative and productive as compare to those who have not good health or have a normal body.

Your actual strength and wealth is actually your good health which enable you to make impossible possible. To achieve your goals and get your dreams come true and carry your responsibility with success you need to be healthy both physically and mentally    

Make your body and mind strong just for yourself not for others. It’s very easy to get a healthy body and mind for this just need to apply these top ten natural ways to make yourself healthy.

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1: Just  Get Up Early In The Morning  For Fresh Air.

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Make this your habit that whatever happen you must get up early in the morning because it is the key of “How to live healthier lifestyle”. In the morning there is less pollution in the air and more oxygen. For 10 minutes take heavy breaths so that your brain get more and more oxygen. Beside this you get more time to complete your daily tasks.

Running early in the morning is best exercise.  During running your all body parts get exercise. If you cannot get up early in the morning then you can start waking up 30 minutes earlier daily and so by doing this in few days you will  achieve your goal to wake up early in morning  and is best answer to How to live healthier lifestyle.

2: Breakfast Is Must.

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If you want your body healthy and energetic whole day then then you must do your breakfast daily because during morning your stomach is empty and your brain and body need energy if you miss your breakfast your body will feel laziness whole day so never compromise on your breakfast and do a healthy breakfast.
First when you wake up you should drink some water. Then eat a good breakfast within two hours after wake up.

3: Regular Daily Exercise Is Must:

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To get a healthy and energetic body regular daily exercise is must and is the key for better health. These days people do very less work physically because of the development in technology. So that is why people store unused calories and due to which they may face several health problems so do exercise to stay healthy, energetic and fit.

You can include morning jogging/yoga or running to get stay more and more healthy and can get “How to live healthier lifestyle”.

4: Drink 10-13 Glass Of Water To Stay Hydrated:

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As we know that about 70% of our body is made up of water so drinking 10 -13 glasses of water is a healthy amount of water per day which is extremely significant to your health. Daily drinking healthy amount of play a key role to boost your process of metabolism, to  defend your  body organs, and to maintain the normal temperature of the body.

Healthy amount of water in body also helps the body to absorb essential nutrients and transport various molecules like oxygen, carbon dioxide salts etc. across the cells. Furthermore, water is the excellent natural tonic for various kinds of skin problems. water play a key role in “How to live healthier lifestyle”.

5: Eat Energy Boost Food Like A Healthy Snack

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Do you have low energy problem and worry about “How to live healthier lifestyle”? Low blood sugar can cause mental fatigue and lethargy and due to which your whole body energy drop quickly. So avoid low blood sugar we should eat Sugary snacks that will provide us a quick energy boost. Below given Snacks can be chosen to get overall energy for long time:

You can eat peanut butter with whole wheat cracker or celery sticks

You can eat yogurt and also nuts and some kind of fresh fruits

You can eat Baby carrots with a low-fat cream cheese dip

6: Take A Deep Breath In And Out To Feel Energetic

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Take a deep breath for 10 minutes for about 3 times a day. This will help to increase the level of oxygen in your body cells which will help in the process of metabolism and to lower your blood pressure and rise the circulation of blood in the tissues so as a result there will be more oxygen and nutrients provided to the cells which will increase the body’s physical and mental performance.

You can do this exercise by putting one hand on your belly then start taking a deep breath through nose then pushes your belly with your hand to breathe air out through mouth.

7: Daily 7 To 8 Hours Sleep Enough And Proper Sleep

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Sleeping less than 7 to 8 hours is harmful for both body’s physical and mental conditions and can make a question “How to live healthier lifestyle” for you. After working whole day our body needs rest for about 7 to 8 hours to recover energy and injuries to body tissues and cells and improve their capabilities so we to enjoy your life in a relex and peaceful way and live a healthy lifestyle then proper 7 to 8 hours sleep is must.

Night time is best time for sleep so early to bed at night and early to rise in morning is best formula for proper sleeping and healthy life.

8: Avoid Alcoholic Drinks And Drugs

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If you really want to live a healthy life then you should always keep yourself away from Alcoholic drinks and drugs because they will destroy your health completely and are very dangerous for body. These alcoholic drinks and drugs will seriously harm your kidneys, your stomach, your lungs and respiratory tissues and are very harmful for neurons so can destroy your mental health. They drugs decrease the capability of body’s cells to take nutrients from blood and intestine and disrupt the metabolism. So alcoholic drinks and drugs are silent killer which kills you from inside.  

9: Make Control On Your Stress

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In everyday life we face a lot of stressful situation and tensions and is becoming a common part of our life and also it is a fact that we cannot escape from them. However if we try then we can absolutely decrease them. Stress is related to our problems that we face in our daily life and if we don’t try to avoid stress then it can seriously harmful for our mental and physical health as it can disturb your hormonal balance and also metabolic process in your body. So below are some ways to reduce stress and tension.

  • If you feel stress start exercise immediately
  • If you feel stress then immediately get up and try talk with your family members
  • If you feel stress watch some funny videos or movies or call to some funny friend
  • If you feel stress then play some game.

The main aim is to change your concentration from stress to something others to get lost the problem of “How to live healthier lifestyle”.

10: Take Care Of Hygiene

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Hygiene is most important part of your health. Always take care of your hygiene if you want a healthy life.  Always make yourself and your environment clean and free of dust and germs. Everyday after exercise take a bath and brush your teeth at morning and at night before going to bed. Hygiene is considered as two thirds of health. Make your room, workplace and home clean and also put-on clean clothes.

11: Avoid Smoking

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Smoking is one of the leading cause of mouth and lungs cancer which ultimately cause a death of person. The National Cancer Institute research says that 80-90 % lungs cancer cases are due to smoking. So if you are habitual to smoking then try to avoid it slowly from today.

12: Try To Eat Balance And Healthier Diet

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Your whole health depends on what you eat. Eating improper food can leads toward malnutrition which can decrease your immunity and can cause serious disease. So eating a proper food and balance diet can keep your healthy both physically and mentally. The main key of balance diet is to eat right food in right quantity. Your diet must include normal ratio vitamins. Balance diet keep your weight under control and keep your body fit and energetic. Balance diet also keep you away from various diseases.

so these were some key points of “How to live healthier lifestyle” and if you have any type of question about “How to live healthier lifestyle” please feel free to ask.

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